Tritium Exit Sign Facts

The most common advantages of tritium exit signs are they are easy to install without an electrician. They do not require electricity. The radioactive tritium is completely safe and lower than federal regulation. Tritium disposal is a very important. By disposing of tritium signs properly you are affectively avoiding heavy fines that can come from carrying expired tritium exit signs.

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Since Tritium Exit signs contain radioactive material they come under strict regulations by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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Safe Handling

You are advised to follow these safe steps whenever you are handling Tritium Exit Signs…

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Proper Disposal

We are committed to making Tritium Exit sign disposal an easy process for you. Follow these easy steps.

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Tritium Disposal

Welcome to Tritium Disposal Co., your one-stop shop for all information and facts about Tritium powered exit signs, benefits, precautions and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) process for disposal and Tritium recycle. Although Tritium signs have caught on tremendously in the last few years due to the inherent capabilities of being durable, non-electric and long lasting, just throwing it in the dustbin is not possible. Due to the radioactive element, it needs to be disposed of and recycled for safety purposes.

Advantages of Tritium signage

A radioactive isotope of hydrogen, Tritium is commonly used in signage and in self-luminescence lights due to the inherent capacity to work without electricity. The basic advantage of using Tritium signs is that they work without electricity and are long lasting and durable even in extreme weathers while it adheres to all required code regulations. The radioactive element gives it the glow and it can be seen through thick smoke and fog. These signs are easy to recognize and have a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) sticker and information on the back. However, due to the radioactive element, Tritium disposal is strictly done as per the guidelines of NCR.

Handling Tritium exit signs safely

Though Tritium is radioactive, it is present in minute quantities within the exit sign or self luminescence emergency lights. However, as per the guidelines given by NRC, it is essential to handle these signs with care and tritium recycle is encouraged. As Tritium emits low degrees of radiation, it is unable to penetrate the clothing or paper and the gas is colorless, odorless while being lighter than air.

As a precautionary measure, it is best to wear water resistant gloves before handling the sign or light because in case, the sealed tube leaks or breaks, you will be in direct contact with the radioactive material. Additionally, expert advice on turning off the power in the room and in case the sign is damaged the lettering which normally glow will be dark. In most cases, the damage occurs during installation or removal so handle with care. If you come across a damaged sign, do not attempt Tritium disposal but get the area evacuated and contact the nearest radiation control service.

The complete process of tritium disposal is detailed and intensive and is only handled by licensed professionals and that is another reason that tritium recycle is equally important. You cannot just throw these signs or lights into the landfill. The complete process of tritium disposal is defined and Tritium recycle requires professional care.

Tritium Disposal

According to the Nuclear regulatory Commission (NCR) every Tritium sign or light that is bought has to be recorded and these signs cannot be disposed as solid water but have to be returned at a licensed waste disposal site that is approved by NRC. In case there is any failures of complying with the stringent NRC guidelines, in respect to the tritium disposal or tritium recycle, it can lead to stiff penalties.

Basically, when you take the expired exit sign or any other Tritium powered light to a licensed disposal facility, the frame, housing and legend are dismantled and all of the components are broken down into separate components. If possible, each of the pieces is reconditioned and then again assembled as a new sign. Only in cases when the components cannot be used for any reason, the Tritium recycle process is conducted.

The exit sign tritium disposal is detailed. The general licensee has to transfer the sign to a licensed radioactive waste broker, distributor or a low radioactivity waste disposal facility which charges a fee for complete disposal. Additionally, within the 30 days of tritium disposal, the general licensee has to file a complete report with the NCR which needs to include the distributor’s name, serial and model number of the exit sign. Other information pertaining to the expired sign includes the license number, date, name and address of the person that received the device.

About Tritium recycle process

The process of reusing the tritium in other products is termed as tritium recycle. At a licensed tritium disposal facility, the tritium filled and phosphorous coated tubes are broken and tritium claimed by the recycling trade partner. All of the tritium that is reclaimed is again used in the manufacturing process of the aircraft signs, emergency lights and brand new exit signage. After the complete tritium is extracted, the waste material, which is broken glass and residue of phosphor, is sent to the landfill for disposal.


Here is a picture of a tritium exit signTritium-Exit-Sign-Disposal-300x300

Make sure you dispose of tritium properly

Professional Tritium disposal and recycle service

With years of experience of distribution of signage and emergency lighting, we are licensed tritium disposal service and encourage tritium recycle. If you are looking for licensed Tritium disposals or recycling the expired exit signage, we can help you. Call us today to know more about our services. Our licensed tritium recycle technicians are available 24/7 to answer your queries and discuss your requirements.

Our Tritium disposal service requires a fee which includes the cost of shipping. Our licensed team will send you the needed paperwork with details about the disposal of the radioactive signage. We can assure you that our highly detailed tritium recycle process completely adheres to the NRC guidelines and code compliance ensuring that Tritium is reclaimed. And under no circumstances it is stored or disposed off in a landfill.

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Our pricing can be requested and is dependant upon the number or quantity of exit signs and in case you plan on buying replacement signage. Please call us or write to us if you plan on using our Tritium disposal service and we will send you the detailed instruction on handling and packing the tritium powered signs. Call us today!